The material for the ear-tips was specially created for the skin inside your ears! 

100% Medical Silicone 

Tapered Structure 

Special Silicone Filter

SednaEarfit MAX Standard

Premium eartips made for earphones

Premium Medical Silicone

Reduces pressure in your ears and enhances noise cancelling 

Special Silicone Filter which prevents foreign substances from entering 

Materials are safe for the body

Cleaner and more comfortable than any other ear-tip


Most plastic filters which are used in ear-tips are not flexible and therefore can produce strong pressure inside your ears. That pressure is not only annoying and painful when you are wearing your ear-tips over a long period of time, but can also irritate the inside of your ears. 

SednaEarfit max uses an all-in-one silicone filter, which is separated from medical silicone materials. That makes it more comfortable to wear, and minimizes ear irritations. Not only that, but also makes the ear-tip more flexible and cleaner. 

Unlike regular ear-tips, the thickness of the area which has direct contact with the ear is thinner, which reduces pressure and increases sound insulation. 


The filter in the SednaEarfit max also use a hexagonal design. This design prevents foreign substances from entering, and blocking the filter. The hexagonal filter design minimizes the space between shapes and the outer lines. This increases the sound transmission and gives you a better sound experience. 


Size & Packaging

Did you know that everybody has different ear shapes? Thats why SednaEarfit max has 7 sizes for a comfortable fit. AZLA designed the ear-tips based on 788 different ear impressions and 182,000 aftermarket ear-tips. 



5.0 / 5


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